Hello....from...SE Minnesota.....
we raise English Bulldogs.. we have been breeding English Bulldogs Since 2005
Are you thinking about adding an English Bulldog Puppy to your life?  English Bulldog's are a great addition to any household..... BUT
Is an English Bulldog the pet for you?
Do you have allergies to dog hair, dander, 
or allergies in general?
You should research these and consider other questions to be sure of the breed of dog you would like to add to your household.  

For the first time buyer ~ Please research to understand the English Bulldog breed and their needs, and what you are wanting.
The more you know, the better prepared you will be. And the happier you will be when you return home with your little bundle of joy!

English Bulldogs are not your average dog! 

             An English Bulldog is a special, 
and wonderful breed.  
They are an investment and can take a lot of time and understanding.  Please make sure you are deciding on the right dog for you 
and your family. 

  BULLDOGS*are an indoor dog.          
    ​*they desire love and attention.
    *they will give love and devotion.  
    *they are happiest when around their owner 
      and underfoot.       
    *they need understanding -- they have a mind 
      of  their own  ---  BUT they are very trainable. 

Also I feel I need to stress most ----- 
***English Bulldog's CAN NOT swim.

Our bulldogs love the water ~ but we discovered when Dixie, our first English Bulldog, was young, they can sink like a rock if they are out too far.   They need supervision when around any body of water.  I recommend a life jacket... 

On a hot day after a walk, some playtime, or just a love for playing in the water ~ we have a wadding pool full of water for them to play in and to help them stay cool.

There are many English Bulldog Information sites 
on the web that are very helpful.....Just enter:  "English Bulldog information" in the search area of Yahoo, MSN, Goggle, etc.. .  Researching multiple sites about the care and characteristics of the type of pet you would like to add to your family will ensure you are making the right choice, for you, your family, and the loving pet that you are considering. 
 Feel free to call us at 507-424-9514  and we will try to answer your questions, or we will try to find the answer for you. 


 Diamond Precious Maggie ~~ inspecting the days catch
Want to know a secret?
A great way to sleep
Now where was I?
Oh Yes, I was playing on POGO.com
All Bulldogs deserve to have the simple things in life:
 the LOVE of a good family, a comfortable place to take a nap and plenty of  things to sniff, play with or chew on.  
Our pets - for the most - get along great with each other.  They love to greet anyone that comes to the house.  We would love for you to call us anytime with questions.  We will try our best to answer them or to direct you to someone that can.  
Brittney and Haiden
when she was a pup and he a little tike.

Haiden is now 9 ~ and Brittney is still going strong.

MAN, this kid can really play.
Is there room for me?
  Hi, I am Tiger, I am a lover and a clown.
  I have made a  new home with Tracy. 
 I am so happy there.
Nikki playing in the snow.  A fun pass time.

Quiet time ~ after a long day..
Hey, I need a bigger POOL....
We don't have a bigger pool?  OK, this will have to do.
Then What???
Kevin's Brittney Girl ~ passed July 5, 2017
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Mom ~ he is using me as a chew ramp again!